Compact Ice Cream & Yoghurt Maker
Compact Ice Cream & Yoghurt Maker
SKU: SVEZ7407/1

Product info

  • Space-saving slim-design, hardly bigger than A4-format paper format - one of the most compact compressor-type icemakers
  • Innovative 2-in-1 ‚warm & cold‘ function for making yoghurt and ice cream 
  • Quick preparation of ice-cream in less than 30 minutes* 
  • For making ice-cream, sorbets, frozen and normal yoghurt 

Further advantages

  • recipe book with tasty recipes from various ice-cream types, sorbet, yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, vegan 
  • automatic 'keep-cool' function (60 min) for further cooling once processing is finished 
  • digitale timer, adjustable precisely by minutes 
  • temperature display  
  • hinged lid opening for putting in additional ingredients 
  • measuring cup, recipe book and ice-spoon including
  • easy cleaning due to coated ice cream bowl


  • wattage: approx. 135 W 
  • capacity: approx. 1,2 l 
  • colour: matte black


 * depending on recipe and ambient temperature



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