Vacuum Sealer Bags 16x25cm
Vacuum Sealer Bags 16x25cm
SKU: SVZB3613/6

Product info

For freezing, heating and sous vide cooking.

  • foodsave: up to 8 x longer fresh: freezing without freezer burns
  • stars kitchen at home: Sous-Vide cooking with perfect results: steaks on the point – evenly, juicy, tender
  • perfect for storing or meal prepping: flavour safe, without preservative agent
  • sustainability: multiple use by rewelding possible: environmentally friendly and cost saving
  • fits to SEVERIN food vacuum sealers: and most other vacuum sealers
  • economically already while shopping: 50 + 5 pcs
  • strong brand: bags with stamped SEVERIN logo
  • with stickers for labelling froozen food with content, date and weight
  • extra strong micro structure bag
  • taste- and odourless, BPA free
  • temperature proof 100°C up to 4 hours
  • attractive, self explaining gift box design

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