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TVS started up in 1968 in the Urbino area of Italy, and is today one of the main players internationally in the production of cookware in aluminium with a non-stick coating that is appreciated and recognisable everywhere.

By keeping a constant eye on the world around it, utilising innovative production systems and cutting edge technology, TVS’s aim is to produce a perfect blend between the needs of a continually-evolving market and innovation in the materials and technologies used – and always with special attention given to the environment.

The result is a wide range of Italian made cookware with a high quality and design content. TVS and its entire staff work each day to achieve a common objective: To create the best non-stick tools for cooking.

AL & CD Ashley are the exclusive Distributors of TVS cookware in South Africa.




Stella Frypan 24cm

SKU: T7013124151/12

Stella Frypan 26cm

SKU: T7013126151/12

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