The story of our family business..

  • The Roaring Twenties..

    AL Ashley’s success with Eveready products in South Africa eventually led to Eveready setting up their own factory in Port Elizabeth. This led AL Ashley to diversify his product offering and the business began to represent other North American factories. At the time, the company had showrooms in both Durban and Cape Town

  • 1919: The beginning

    Arthur Leslie (AL) Ashley arrives by ship in South Africa from North America after the First World War and starts a small agency business, AL Ashley Ltd who are manufacturers’ representatives for Eveready branded batteries and torches (flashlights) and Nielsen’s Chocolates, which were at the time considered a great delicacy after years of wartime rationing

  • 1947: AL & CD Ashley (Pty) Ltd is founded

    The company becomes AL & CD Ashley (Pty) Ltd when Charles Douglas Ashley takes over the management of the company from his father

  • 1936: CD Ashley joins the business

    The business grows and AL Ashley's son, Charles Douglas (CD) Ashley joins him

  • 1960: AL & CD Ashley brings Brabantia to South Africa

    The company begins to sell the famous Brabantia brand in South Africa

  • 1969: Steve Ashley joins the business

    Steve Ashley, CD Ashley’s son, joins the company

  • 1974: The business makes an acquisition

    AL & CD Ashley acquires another Cape Town agency business called Brown & Walton. This expands the company’s offerings to include textiles and Belgian carpets

  • The 1980's

    The business now sells various diverse product lines including carpets, electronics, locks and thermometers

  • 1994: Steve Ashley takes over the business

    CD Ashley passes away. Steven Ashley, now Managing Director, takes over the business from his father. Steve begins to focus the business on selling high quality kitchenware and housewares imported from Europe into South Africa’s most popular homeware stores

  • 1999: New additions

    Steve Ashley’s cousin, Clifford Keet joins the company as Sales Manager. In the same year, Steve’s son, Greg Ashley joins the company as Sales Representative

  • 2011: New Offices

    After having offices situated in the Cape Town CBD for decades, the business moves to a new home in Claremont, near the popular Cavendish Square shopping centre

  • Present day

    Steve Ashley is the Managing Director. Cliff Keet is the Sales Director and Greg Ashley is the Sales Manager

  • The future

    The business continues to build its brands and loyal customer base by supplying innovative, high quality kitchenware and houseware to the Southern African market

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