StemGem Strawberry Stem Remover
StemGem Strawberry Stem Remover
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Strawberries taste sweeter with the Chefn StemGem

The StemGem, which appeals to both children and kitchen-gadget fiends alike, easily removes the stems and cores of strawberries. Adorable and simple to use, the StemGem is great for making strawberry shortcake, fruit salad and strawberry ice cream topping. Try it on tomatoes too!

Unlike its competitors that mangle strawberries during the hulling process, the StemGem is able to consistently produce undamaged, perfectly hulled strawberries. The key to the StemGems effectiveness is the simple push-button mechanism that allows the user to adapt the size of the claw to the size of the stem. The stainless steel claws variable size and pointed-cone shape allow the StemGem to remove just the right amount of fruit, always taking enough, but never taking too much.

To use, simply push the green button to open the claw, insert the claw into the strawberry, twist and pull, and voila! You have a perfectly stemmed and cored strawberry ready for slicing, filling, baking or just eating! For easy cleanup, the StemGem is also top-rack dishwasher safe.


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